Is It Worth Paying for a Resume Writer? A Success Story from My CV Consultant

published on 24 October 2023

In today's competitive job market, the question on many job seeker's minds is: "Is it worth paying for a resume writer?" The answer, as evidenced by the success story of our client Dan, is a resounding YES!

Let's delve into Dan's journey. A highly skilled professional with a background in content development, research, and Salesforce, Dan had a vision. He aspired to secure a challenging and better paid role that he believed was out of reach. His skills were valuable, but he struggled to present them in a way that showcased their full potential. This is where our team at My CV Consultant stepped in.

Our approach at My CV Consultant is personalised and strategic. We understand that each client has unique skills and experiences. Our job is to present these in the best possible light, aligning them with the requirements of the roles they aspire to. We aim to get our client's foot in the door and help them excel in their chosen careers.

For Dan, we knew his skillset was valuable. The challenge was to present it in a way that would make potential employers sit up and take notice. We worked with Dan to overhaul his resume, focusing on his content development, research, and Salesforce skills. We connected these skills to showcase the impact he could have in a more challenging role.

Our resume writing service is not just about reformatting and rewording. It's about understanding our client's strengths and aspirations and translating them into a compelling narrative. We aim to make the value they bring to potential employers crystal clear.

The result? Dan secured a role that he had previously thought was out of reach. But it wasn't just any role. It came with a substantial pay increase of 40K. This tangible result was a direct outcome of our resume writing service.

In a Google review, Dan said...

"My CV consultant Jacqueline was excellent. She completely overhauled my resume as requested and was able to answer all my questions and explain everything well. I recently received an offer on a job I thought would never happen. I am so happy with the final product."


Dan's success story is a testament to the value of investing in a professional resume writing service. It demonstrates that with the right presentation and positioning of skills, even those roles that seem out of reach can become attainable.

So, is it worth paying for a resume writer? If you want to take your career to the next level, the answer is yes. A professionally written resume can be the key to unlocking opportunities and achieving your career aspirations. Let the team at My CV Consultant help you open those doors.

In conclusion, a well-crafted resume is an investment in your future. It can make the difference between being overlooked and being seen, between settling and achieving your dreams. If you're ready to take your career to the next level, book a 15-Minute Discovery Call today. Let's write your success story together!

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